What’s Included in an MOT?

What’s Included in an MOT?

The tester in centre will check the following components to ensure each meets the minimum standard set out by the DVSA before issuing an MOT certificate.


Vehicle Identification Number

The MOT test checks that the Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as the VIN, is present and legibly displayed on the vehicle. The VIN is a unique code including a serial number that is stamped on the vehicle. The location of the VIN varies from one vehicle manufacturer to the next.

Registration Plate

Registration plate

The MOT tester will check the condition, security, legibility and the format of letters and numbers on your registration plate. The spacing and lettering on the number plate must meet current regulations and should not be altered in any way.



The MOT test checks the condition, operation, security and colour of your vehicles lights. The test will also check to see if the headlamp aim is correct.


Steering and suspension

The MOT tester will also check the steering and suspension components for correct condition and that the operation is correct.


Wipers and washer bottle

During the MOT the tester will check your vehicle’s wipers and washers ensuring they operate properly and give the driver a clear view of the road.



During the MOT the tester will check your vehicle’s windscreen for any chips or cracks. The maximum damage size is 10mm in the drivers’ line of vision or 40mm elsewhere in the remaining area swept by the wiper blades.



The MOT test will cover the horn’s operation for effectiveness and suitability.



All seatbelts including those in the rear of the vehicle are checked for type, condition, correct operation and security and that all compulsory seatbelts are in place.



Your vehicle’s front seats are checked for security during the MOT test.

Fuel System

Fuel system

The fuel system is checked during the MOT test for leaks and that the fuel cap fastens and seals securely.



The MOT test checks your exhaust emissions, ensuring that the vehicle is within the specified guidelines and that the exhaust is complete, secure, without serious leaks and silences effectively.



Vehicle structure and body shell are checked during the MOT test for excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas of the vehicle. Any sharp edge can result in an MOT failure.



The MOT tester will check that the doors open and close correctly and that the latch is secure in a closed position. Front doors should open from both the inside and outside of the vehicle. Rear doors may need to be opened to gain access to testable items like rear seatbelts.



The mirrors on your vehicle are checked during the MOT test for condition and security.


Wheels and tyres

The MOT tester will check the vehicle’s wheels and tyres for a number of key points: the condition, security, tyre size and type and tread depth.



The MOT tests the efficiency of the vehicle’s braking performance, condition and operation. Most vehicles are tested on a roller brake tester.

For more information about MOTs and the checks carried out as part of the MOT test, Please visit the GOV.UK website

How to do a MOT Check for Free and save money on your vehicle maintenance

It’s that time of year again when you need to make sure your motor vehicle passes its annual MOT test. Why not take care of it now and avoid any inconvenience later?

Save yourself money in the long run by avoiding fines and costly repairs. The MOT check is an important safety check for all vehicles, which includes checking lights, brakes, tires, steering, and suspension, among other things.

Do a free MOT testWhat is a MOT check?

A MOT check is the most common type of vehicle safety inspection. It’s required by law in many countries and can be done at any time during the life of your vehicle. It checks for brakes, lights, steering, exhaust emissions, and windscreen wipers.

The MOT is a new emissions test administered by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The Ministry of Transport administers this test to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy and safe for operation.

The test will measure the number of pollutants emitted from a vehicle and is designed to determine whether the vehicle complies with emissions standards. Car owners who fail the MOT will not renew their registration and take their vehicle for repairs.

MOT history checks help the authorities discriminate between the healthy and unfit vehicles so that patrolling security can be increased and accidents could also be reduced to half.Why do I need a MOT check?

Originally introduced in the 1960s, the MOT has been expanded numerous times over the years since then. An MOT check is mandatory when a car reaches three years old, and an annual MOT is required for four to ten years old vehicles. A vehicle over 10 years old will require an MOT every 6 months.

An MOT test is needed because a car’s exhaust has been linked with various health problems in recent years. As a major pollutant, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) is found in car exhaust fumes and has been shown to cause respiratory problems, particularly in children and the elderly.

Recent studies have also shown that emissions from cars can also cause cancer. Benzene, which is found in petrol, is known to cause leukaemia and other types of cancer.

The MOT Test will help identify vehicles that are not in compliance with emissions standards and allow the owner to take necessary action to bring the car into compliance. Car owners who fail the MOT Test will not renew their registration.

Check Reg, a company that provides emissions testing services has announced that they offer the MOT Test.Free MOT test by Check Reg

As part of an MOT inspection by check reg, almost all vehicle parts are inspected except the engine. To ensure that these parts work properly or will function effectively whenever used, they are checked periodically when the vehicle is being driven.

Interior and Exterior Testing

In the MOT, the check reg team examines the interior, exterior, and vehicle underneath. All interior components are tested by MOT checker, including seats, seatbelts, wipers and washers, brakes, warning lights, the horn, and general control performance.

There are registration plates, doors, lights, tires, wheels, mirrors, windscreens, bonnets, tow bars, and the vehicle body and structure on the exterior. In addition to exhaust emissions, steering and suspension, fuel system, and vehicle identification number, underside tests also check the exhaust system and steering and suspension components.

To ensure the safety and proper functioning of the vehicle while on the road, these parts are checked by check reg so that when it is on the road, it can operate effectively for the people inside and outside and their property.

A vehicle’s maintenance program primarily includes the parts that ensure the vehicle’s safety. A vehicle must have functioning lights, brakes, good seats, effective controls, and a general sense of efficiency.MOT History

The check Reg car’s MOT history record helps reveal a lot of information on what you are obtaining. This will help you get a previous full record of the car you are willing to buy or sell.

MOT testers examine different aspects of your vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy. As soon as your vehicle has been qualified, you can drive it on UK roads without any worries.

This test confirms that your vehicle meets the current emission regulations specified by the government. You must ensure your vehicle is safe on the road by performing timely DVLA MOT checks.

Ensuring that your vehicle qualifies for the DVLA MOT check on the first attempt requires adequate preparation. Look for problems with the road view, the tires, the signals, and the lightbulbs.Tax Check

They also perform a tax check to ensure that it is clear or not. The purpose of a car tax check is to verify that your vehicle complies with all tax requirements.

You will find all your vehicle tax information at checkreg.net, just as it appears in the government database. Here, you will also have access to the vehicle you wish to purchase tax information.

Logging in and inputting your tax information will provide you with the basic information about your vehicle. We will provide you with the full details of your vehicle, up to and including information about your vehicle tax.

In essence, an MOT is mainly concerned with safety and emission control. To ensure vehicles’ safety and emission levels for the good of all, these two factors are necessary. Ensure that you understand what an MOT entails and know how the car’s MOT status is when you buy it.

To find out if your vehicle has an MOT, visit checkreg.net and input your registration number. Once you have the basic information about your vehicle, you will be required to pay a small fee before accessing the MOT information and detailed vehicle information.Final Words

The purpose of the MOT test by check reg is to ensure that the vehicles being driven on the roads are safe, meet the requirements for emissions and that their occupants are not at risk.A legal requirement is that you conduct an MOT test, and so it is necessary to conduct an MOT test to maintain your legal standing.

MOT History Check

Can I drive a car on SORN to a garage for MoT repairs?

My car is currently on SORN and it needs some work before it will pass the MoT.

I know I can drive my insured but SORN’d car to a pre-booked MoT without a valid MoT or road tax. However, if the car fails its MoT, can I drive it from the test station to a garage for repairs?