Brake discs and pads replacement – front (both)



Brake discs and pads replacement

What is included?
Parts & Labour (unless stated)
Standard brake pads and discs (Pagid or similar)
VAT (if applicable)
FREE call out (to your home or office)
12 month warranty on parts & labour
What are the symptoms?
You experience vibration whilst braking.
The car starts to pull to one side under braking.
You notice (or are advised on an MOT) that the disc surfaces have developed scores, pit holes or cracks.
Please note, if you see a surface of fine rust on a mild steel disc after rain, this is quite normal and will rub off once the brakes are used a couple of times.

What happens? *
Mechanic will inspect the brake discs.
If necessary, the brake discs will be replaced along with new brake pads.
Mechanic will check the brake system and, if deemed safe, will do a test drive